Shark jet Ski Rental

More than 10 years of experience with Jetskis as a hobby and with friend's motivation we changed it to business to share the water sports happiness to everyone who has a passion for the water activities. Dubai leaves you with memories but none will come close to the soaked up sandy beach of Jumeirah. People come to Dubai to find and the beach is close to paradise, the place where the kings and queens come to have the adventure of their lifetime in the great sea. After a walk to the Dubai Marina, take dive into the waters. Drive a jet ski breaking through the waves of the Great Arabian Sea, have your adventure in the middle of the sea. Board a yacht, do flyboarding or go for a banana ride or donut ride or go to deep sea fishing or better yet take a jet ski and travel around the great and beautiful Palm Island passing through some of the world best skyscrapers including the magical Atlantis and gigantic Burj Al Arab. The Sea offers you a wide range of adventures if you are up for it and we at Shark Jet Ski make it as our mission to make you feel safe and protective without reducing the level of intensity of the adventures while you do it.

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