My Music Head

If you're reading this, you're already interested in music as a hobby, and you'll know that being a musician instantly makes you popular, cool and fun to hang out with (or so we'd like to think)! Just in case that's not enough and you need more encouragement, we've listed some other benefits of learning a musical instrument. As a hobby, making music is a convenient indoor activity, which is a relief in the Dubai heat, and playing an instrument can be fun both by yourself and as a group, so you don't have to match schedules with your friends all the time.

Learning a musical instrument...

✔   Improves physical co-ordination 
✔   Improves concentration & focus 
✔   Increases discipline & patience 
✔   Develops creative skills 
✔   Boosts memory 
✔   Improves social skills 
✔   Boosts self-esteem & confidence 
✔   Reduces stress 

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