Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks LLC

Expect your favorite games to get a life-sized makeover at Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks, a recreational facility that boasts activities like 'human foosball' and 'giant snooker' - it's a wildly fun concept that's even quirkier than it sounds. Kickoff gives the game a cool football twist which is really entertaining

Located in the heart of the city in Oud Metha behind Lamcy Plaza, the space is covered in astro turf and features four playing arenas which can accommodate dozens of guests at any time. From corporate team building events to birthday parties, Kickoff is an adult-friendly playground that kids will love as well.

In addition to a fun filled sporting activities, we have a dedicated hard working team to create an unforgettable memory that will be remembered for years to come. You can rent out the whole space on an hourly basis for events and parties; this gives you and all your guests’ unlimited access to the games at one flat rate.

Find out more: http://kickoffdxb.com