Cook Eat Repeat

Do you feel as if you need chef-quality meals at home? By now you could be thinking that takeouts are expensive but you demand a home-cooked meal. This no longer is a problem since we provide pre-measured ingredients with recipes in an instructional video format. You can prepare chef-quality meals that are portion controlled which minimizes wastage. We cater to all groups with nutritional needs, vegetarians and the wild at heart. At Cook Eat Repeat we ensure that there is no longer any guesswork and all you need to do is follow through with our recipes.
We source ingredients seasonally and regionally then deliver them pre-portioned and boxed in a hygienic manner. A variety of weekly meal options are available for Low-Carb, Vegan and Gluten Free, which are expertly crafted.
All our meal plans are fairly priced and include 5 healthy Breakfasts and Dinners which are delivered on Saturday for the following week.

Find out more: cookeatrepeat.ae