Advanced Marine Tours

Introducing for the very first time in Dubai, completely new watersports called SharkJet. SharkJet gives you a speed of Shark and fun of Jetski with the bunch of wonderful memory to take home with yourself. 
The Sharkjet is special built Jet Boat build by a New Zealand manufacturer. You can come with a group of 10 or more and enjoy the ride with the trained crew members for your safety. Jet boat is specially designed for sea operations with built in air pockets to make it extremely safe to operate and suitable for the family of all ages. The captain of a boat is well trained and certified by Maritime City Authority, will be with you throughout the trip at your service. He will make sure of your safety and security while you make sure to have lots of fun and adventure. Our captains are also trained to maintain the boats on a routine basis. Boat is routinely inspected by the Dubai Coast Guard and has all required safety features including automatic fire shutdown system. 

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